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John Fecke
About me

The Kitchen Company was founded in 1953 by my father, A. John Fecke. I came aboard in 1981, learning the business from the ground up alongside some of the most highly regarded professionals in the field.  Over the years, The Kitchen Company has earned a reputation and numerous industry recognition awards as one of the best kitchen design businesses in Connecticut.


My approach to kitchen design is attending to my client’s needs- aesthetically, functionally and financially. As a result, I always strive to provide honest feedback, appropriate design and good value when I approach any kitchen remodeling project.


My 30+ years of experience, selecting the best quality cabinet manufactures and designing and overseeing projects of varying complexity from concept to reality, has confidently guided my clients through the decision making that goes along with kitchen remodeling.


Finally, and most importantly, I believe my clients feel their time working with me was truly a good investment that often exceeds their expectations. They have a new kitchen, which they helped to bring to life and enriches their quality of life and the value of their home. That’s what brings my clients and their friends and families back again and again over the years.

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