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Custom vs. Manufactured Range Hoods: The Pros, Cons & How to Decide

There are so many decisions to make when designing your kitchen. From flooring and countertops to the placement of light switches and outlets, the big and little details are what makes a kitchen perfect for you and your family.

That’s why we like to break down some of the choices you’ll face, explain the pros and cons, and talk through the reasons a particular choice may or may not be right for you. Today, we’re talking about range hoods.


Beyond Pumpkin: Make Orange Work in Your Kitchen

Orange is fall’s favorite color -- but usually not for kitchen design. Perhaps when you think of “orange + kitchen,” you conjure up visions of the 1970s. Or maybe orange’s association with pumpkins and hayrides makes you feel like it’s a color for a season, not a permanent statement.

It’s Fall Yall: 4 Easy Ways to Bring Fall Into Your Kitchen

Fall is an especially great time for cozying up in the kitchen. There are apples overflowing, waiting to be made into pies; squash just begging to be baked into a gorgeous casserole, veggies that will soon be simmering on the stove in a delicious soup. With the change in seasons comes a change in flavors, and it all seems to call for a change in decor, doesn’t it?

5 Kid-Friendly Cookbooks That Will Make Dinner a Family Affair

In the first few weeks of school, you’re prepared. You help the kids lay out their clothes, you prep their lunches, you plan a week’s worth of dinners on Sunday night.

But as things settle in, homework piles up and after-school practice starts, and you find yourself flying in the door with no plan for dinner and a bunch of hungry kids at your feet. You just want to spend time with them, to hear about their day and catch up.

So why not do just that—in the kitchen?

How to Use Your Kitchen to Stay Organized This School Year

Now that the kids are back to school, it starts to happen: the paperwork piles up on the kitchen counters. The backpacks are strewn across the floor. The kitchen table gets taken over by homework in a giant, disorganized mess.

It’s the same every year -- but this year will be different, because we have some tried-and-true ideas to keep your family in the kitchen (because it is nice to have everyone together after a day apart) and organized (because homework covered in last night’s pasta sauce probably isn’t what your son’s teacher was hoping for).

What High Quality Means to Us

Great kitchens are often a home’s show-stopper. At The Kitchen Company, we want you to be more than just stunned by a kitchen’s beauty -- we want you to be impressed by its quality and functionality, too. That’s why we continue to partner with the manufacturers of high-quality cabinetry and appliances like Wood-Mode and Sub-Zero. But it’s not the only reason. The alignment of our values plays a large role in why we consider these brands to be the best of the best, and an ideal match for The Kitchen Company and our clients.

Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Cabinet Color You Won’t Regret

Whether you’re renovating your entire kitchen or just selecting a new paint color, deciding on the right hue for your kitchen cabinets can be nerve-wracking.

Our best advice is always this: choose what you like. It doesn’t matter what’s trending, what color Martha Stewart’s cabinets are, or what looks good in that full-page spread in House Beautiful. YOU are the one who lives in your home and will have to see your cabinets every day.

So we encourage you to toss around some ideas. Think in the box and step outside it; view things from a different angle. To help you do that, here are our experts’ opinions on the full spectrum of options.

Tips & Recipes to Help You Enjoy Your Summer Vacation

Summer has so many highlights… long days, bright sun, time spent with family, vacation.

Even better: long days in the bright sun with family on vacation. When you’ve planned the perfect summer getaway, what you want to do is just that — get away. But unless you’re headed to an all-inclusive resort where everything is done for you, chances are you’ll spend at least some time each day in the kitchen. And we all know what hotel and rental kitchens can be like — they’re just not the same.

To help you prep for vacation and make it as relaxing as possible, we have 5 pre-trip tips and 5 easy and delicious vacation-perfect recipes for you to try:

How Seating Can Help You Create a Cozy Kitchen

In the world of to-go coffee and yogurt in squeezable tubes, we like to encourage people to slow down. Grab a real coffee mug and a spoon. Sit.

If you want to encourage that same kind of morning slowness in your home, start by making your seating arrangements more inviting.